At Salendine Nook, the English department aims to encourage children to be sensitive readers and writers, teaching through a range of learning techniques such as drama, creative thinking, and multimedia. We believe that studying English is central to the development of thoughtful, articulate young people who are aware of themselves as part of a wider community.

Across Key Stage Three our schemes of work have been planned to deliver the National Curriculum in a way that is stimulating and engaging. Students are offered every opportunity to demonstrate creativity and originality whether that be in reading, writing or speaking and listening.

At Key Stage Four we examine with AQA. All students will complete a linear assessment in Year 11 providing them with both an English Literature (8702) and an English Language (8700) GCSE

Across the key stages we are forging more links with other subjects in order to encourage pupils to develop a more holistic overview of their educational experience. Extra-curricular opportunities such as Radio Club and Creative Writing Club are delivered by members of the department.

National Poetry Day Competition Winner 2017


National Poetry Day Competition Winner 2017

As part of the English Department’s celebrations for National Poetry Day this year, students Poetrywere invited to enter the department poetry competition. This year’s theme for the day was ‘Freedom’ and students analysed Maya Angelou’s poem ‘Still I Rise’; this is a powerful poem that is displayed in our blue tunnel. Students were encouraged to explore the theme of ‘Freedom’ and then write a poem that demonstrates the theme in a thought-provoking, and creative, way.

We were amazed by the quality of entries and, after an intense short-listing process, we are delighted to announce that Year 8 student, Astrah Fawcett, has won this year’s prize! Congratulations Astrah.

Well done to all of our students that entered - it was a very tough decision.

Please take a moment to read Astrah’s beautiful poem below:

A Bird Cage – By Astrah Fawcett

There is a haunted house, not far
And there a dark cage lies.
I can’t help but wonder what’s in the cage,
And what happens when its prisoner dies.

There is a chance I have to take,
To make the mystery end.
I have to know who’s in that cage,
To find a foe or friend.

There is a bird trapped in that cage,
His soul without its will.
No room to stretch his wings out wide,
He is soon going to be killed.

There is a key just on that chest,
So what am I to do?
To set him free and watch him fly,
Or to be the killer, too?

There is a bird that flies above the field,
Every morn and every noon.
His gold and silver wing-tips,
Shine in the oval moon.

That bird is free to make his choice,
To live his life, his way.
All because I took the chance,
I have to take that day.

Student Voice

Student voice for Creative Writing Club

 "In creative writing club we can write whatever we want. We can draft horror and sci-fi stories. I enjoy creative writing club because my imagination runs wild. We have written about our own magic toyshop and created our own short stories."

"The creative writing club is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to improve or those who enjoy writing."

"I really enjoy creative writing club. It opens many doors for young bidding writers. We have entered lots of writing competitions that gives us the chance to have our writing published into a book."

"We learn about successfully writing short and long story variations. In addition, we are allowed to have the freedom to write whatever we want and let our creativity flow. Everyone in the club is passionate and positive. Creative writing club is the highlight of my week!"

Shakespeare Festival

shakey in shadesWe have been working on a focus of Shakespeare over the last half-term in KS3 English, Y9 Media Studies, KS3 and Y9 Drama, and in Music. This is to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the birth of the Bard in April. Alongside our classroom studies in performance, creative writing and close textual reading, we also intend to showcase the work of the students in displays, on the school website and in a Shakespeare Festival evening on the 7th of April.
We are therefore inviting you to join us in Salendine Hall at 7pm so we can all ‘brush up our Shakespeare.’
The event is free, and tickets are available on the door, so don’t be late as it should be great! Items include performance poetry, dance, modern interpretations and video media, something for everyone from our very talented students. In addition to the live performances, we are also showcasing more media-based and art work on the website at
‘Once more unto the breech, dear friends!’
Yours sincerely,

AJ Glover [Drama]                J Power [HOD Performing Arts]               K Dobbins [HOD English]

Oxbridge Success For English Student

Congratulations to former student James Woodbridge (left in July 2010) on being granted an unconditional offer to study English at Regents Park College, Oxford. James is one of thirty four students from Greenhead College who were successful in their Oxbridge applications this year. Well done and best wishes from everyone at your former school.

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