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The PSHCE department aims to make a major contribution to the health and achievement of the students in our care. We aim to contribute to the welfare and safety of our students. PSHCE underpins our students’ future employability through the development of the personal and social skills which commerce and industry demand from our workforce. PSHCE helps to increase our students’ independence and ultimately enables them to take responsibility for themselves. PSHCE prepares our students for their future role as parents, employees and leaders.

Mission Statement

In the PSHCE department we aim to equip children and young people with knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive, fulfilled, capable and responsible lives. We encourage our students to be enterprising and we  support them in making effective transitions, positive learning and career choices and in managing their finances effectively. PSHCE education at Salendine Nook also enables children and young people to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes, and explore the complex and sometimes conflicting range of values and attitudes they encounter now and in the future. We also teach our students about how to effectively participate in the democratic processes of society so they know how to bring about change in a peaceful and constructive way.

Specfic aims

  • To encourage and enable each pupil to achieve his or her best by providing the best quality education in PSHCE lessons.
  • To foster a caring attitude towards other members of the school and wider community and to the environment.
  • To contribute to the development and implementation of school policies.


  • To provide exceptional standards in teaching and learning in PSHCE through stimulating and challenging lessons
  • Create an attractive, welcoming and safe environment for learning.
  • Provide an interesting, challenging and appropriate curriculum for each pupil.
  • Ensure that each pupil is respected as an individual and that his/her skills, talents and achievements are valued.
  • Encourage pupils to work at all times to the best of their ability and to make them aware that only their best will do.
  • Prepare pupils thoroughly for internal and external examinations.
  • Ensure effective communication with parents, staff, senior management and other agencies within the Learning Partnership

Visit to Parliament

WEB2 SmallPSHCE Visit to Parliament September 2017 At the end of September the PSHCE Department arranged a visit to Parliament in London. After a long morning travelling the students arrived at Parliament and were given a tour of the historic House of Commons and House of Lords. Included in the tour were the Queen’s private chambers and Cerys Bywater was lucky enough to use the Queen’s personal lift!

The purpose of the visit was to understand how our democratic institutions work. Whilst in the Commons the students learnt about the role of the Prime Minister and the cabinet as well as how laws are made and how Parliament holds the government to account.

The students also toured the Lords in all its gilded splendour and learned about the controversy over hereditary peerages and the Lords’ move toward a fairer system. WEB1 Small

After a brief sojourn down Whitehall where the students passed 10 Downing Street, The Cenotaph and Whitehall Palace we arrived at Trafalgar Square for some R&R. The students then boarded the coach for the long trip back up north to the constituency of Colne Valley. Hopefully we can repeat the trip next year.


SDC14526Over the last couple of weeks Election fever has gripped the school with SNHS running its own mock election organised by Mr Butler, Mr Flaherty and Mr Davies from the PSHCE Department. Assemblies have been held with all year groups in which pupil representatives from all the major parties presented the issues and policies for all to hear. For The Conservatives there was Will Schofield, for The Greens it was Maegan Jones, for Labour we had Malachy Sunderland (aptly named after a safe Labour seat!), for UKIP we had George Harle and for the Liberal Democrats it was Freya Priestly. Topics covered included Education, the Economy, Immigration and the Health Service with lively debate taking place on stage giving the audience a feel for what real politics are about.

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Scottish Mock Referendum Vote, Thursday 18th September

4On Thursday ‘Scotland’ Nook High School went to the polls to decide whether Scotland should be an independent country and just as in the real referendum vote north of the border there were queues out of the door as voters rushed to have their say. Election officer Aleena Ashraf (year 11) did remarkably well to cope with the influx of young democracy loving democrats eagerly waiting for their ballot papers.

The process of learning about Scottish Independence was started when all students in the school had sessions on the issues involved during PSHCE lessons in the first week of term. Then a group of dedicated year 10 GCSE Citizenship students put on assemblies all week for every year group in the school. The culmination of the process occurred on Thursday as hundreds of students turned out to vote to have their say on an important issue which affects the whole of The United Kingdom.

And the result?

Read more: Scottish Mock Referendum Vote, Thursday 18th September

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