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In today's cosmopolitan world, it is a definite necessity and advantage for children to have basic knowledge and understanding of the many cultures and religions of the world. It makes for more enlightened and well rounded individuals who see the world as their home not just a single country.

Religious education can promote tolerance and amalgamate people from various religious backgrounds. Religious education provides exciting opportunities for young people to engage with relevant, contemporary and challenging questions that impact on all of our lives: questions about spirituality, meaning and purpose, equality and diversity, authority, global citizenship and sustainability.

Religious education informs learners about the major world religions in order to provide a theological, philosophical and ethical basis for reflection and response that shows both compassion and respect. It helps young people to be more informed about the traditions, practices and values of religious adherents in our society and in cultures across the globe; thus encouraging better understanding and greater community cohesion.

Religious education can successfully motivate and engage young people in the twenty-first century and enable students to acquire  the skills, knowledge, understanding, values and experiences that all learners need to prepare them for further learning, employment and personal fulfilment within our amazing and diverse society.

Mission Statement

The Religious Education Department aims to inspire students to the diverse nature of our society and the rich tapestry of the beliefs and practices that exist within. We aim to give everyone the skills and confidence to act as informed and questioning citizens in relation to religious and cultural issues.

Our aspiration is to enable all children to develop a knowledge and an understanding of the beliefs and practices off people around them in order to bring about a greater toleration and respect for all humanity. We aim to develop our students in their critical thinking and open our students’ eyes to the wonders of the world in which we are most fortunate to live.

Specific Aims

  • To encourage and enable each pupil to achieve his or her best by providing the best quality education in Religious education.
  • To foster a caring attitude towards other members of the school and wider community and to the environment.
  • To contribute to the development and implementation of school policies.


  • To provide exceptional standards in teaching and learning in Religious education through stimulating and challenging lessons
  • Create an attractive, welcoming and safe environment for learning.
  • Provide an interesting, challenging and appropriate curriculum for each pupil.
  • Ensure that each pupil is respected as an individual and that his/her skills, talents and achievements are valued.
  • Encourage pupils to work at all times to the best of their ability and to make them aware that only their best will do.
  • Prepare pupils thoroughly for internal and external examinations.

Christmas Carol 2017

Year 7 pupils will take part in a Christmas Carol service at St Stephens Church, on the 5th December 2017. All year 7’s will leave school at 1pm to go to the Church by bus. They will then be dismissed at 3pm when the service ends. They are expected to make their own way home from the Church.

If any pupil needs to come back to the School please let the school know and arrangements will be made.

The service will comprise of traditional readings, carols and music to celebrate Christmas. This is a wonderful event that we organise each year for our Year 7 pupils that retells the story of the birth of Jesus in readings, carols and music. The event showcases the wonderful talents of our pupils and staff who participate.

Parents have already been emailed about this event. There is no need to reply unless you would not like your child to attend this event.

If you wish for your child to stay in school please reply and they will have normal lessons instead.

This is a traditional yearly event for Salendine Nook and we see this as a start to our Christmas celebrations.

Harvest Festival 2017

A massive thank you to our pupils, parents and staff who contributed to our Harvest Appeal Harvest 2017once again this year. Lots and lots of canned produce, rice, pasta and cereal were donated, as well as, educational and medical items. The donations will be split between charities abroad and at home.

This was a wonderful way to break up for half term, displaying the wealth of kindness and caring that is reflected in the school community.

Thank you for your kind support.

Mr Davies

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