Welcome to the Science Department


Examples of Work The ideas and processes we learn about in science are important to every part of society.
A good understanding of science will allow your child to make sensible, healthy choices within their lifestyle. It will enable them to take part in social decisions in an informed manner, for example our future options for supplying electricity. It will also allow them to respond positively to changes in any science-related aspects of their employment or life in the future.

Mission Statement

The Science Department aims to lay the foundations for the development of future scientists and to give everyone the skills and confidence to act as informed and questioning citizens in relation to scientific issues.
Our aspiration is to enable all children to develop their capacities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.

Specific Aims

  • To encourage and enable each pupil to achieve his or her best by providing the best quality education in Science.
  • To foster a caring attitude towards other members of the school and wider community and to the environment.
  • To contribute to the development and implementation of school policies.


  • To provide exceptional standards in teaching and learning in science in accordance with our Technology status.
  • Create an attractive, welcoming and safe environment for learning.
  • Provide an interesting, challenging and appropriate curriculum for each pupil.
  • Ensure that each pupil is respected as an individual and that his/her skills, talents and achievements are valued.
  • Encourage pupils to work at all times to the best of their ability and to make them aware that only their best will do.
  • Prepare pupils thoroughly for internal and external examinations.
  • Ensure effective communication with parents, staff, senior management and other agencies within the Learning Partnership

Anti-Bullying Workshop

Towards the end of last term our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors went to Beckfoot High School on a full day Anti-Bullying Workshop. The aim of the day was to train students to deal with bullying issues in school, and how to provide support to those affected with bullying.

Students took part in different activities throughout the day to get to know each other and also share ideas on what they have been doing in the different sessions.

Both staff and students thought the day was very useful, they now hope to start projects to get the rest of the school involved in this area of work.

Click here to see the photos from the workshop

Waste Week


Waste WeekApril

As a nation, we produce about 200,000,000 tonnes of waste per year!

The same mass as 9,500 London Eyes! Schools produce a lot of waste and spend a lot of money disposing of it – money that could be spent on teaching and learning!

Click here to find out what Salendine Nook High School Academy is doing about waste during WASTE WEEK and what you can do to help and take part.


Science Competition

You could win £100 for yourself and £150 for your school by entering this competition and producing an A3, one sided newspaper report titled "How Microbes Work For Us".

All you have to do is choose a microbe that we use for a specific purpose and produce a newspaper report containing all of the extra interesting information you can find out about it!

Click here to view the leaflet containing details of entry and details of what the judges are looking for. If you are interested, go and see Miss Halewood in LF4 ASAP!

Competition closes on February 29th 2016.

Good luck!

Chemistry Week


Science lessons this week will be full to the brim with exciting Chemistry. Year 10 will be having ‘Fun with Foam’, Investigating a Crime and getting to grips with the mysteries of Graphene. We also have visitors in school from Yorkshire Water, The University of Leeds and Croda. They’ll be sharing their expertise and knowledge of the kind of work we might do if we enjoy Chemistry and are good at it!

Year 8 will be ‘Making a Fizz’ and, of course, explaining what’s going on. Year 7 will be wondering if those messy materials are solids, liquids or gases. There will be exciting Chemistry demonstrations for classes done by both staff and pupils for pure enjoyment and delight.

What a week.

STEM Ambassador Roadshow

ScienceOn Wednesday 6th May, a team from British Aerospace Engineering and the RAF came to school to deliver a STEM Roadshow to Year 7 pupils. A range of amazing Engineering and Science demonstrations were shown and some of our pupils were able to get involved with the demonstrations as well. The event culminated in the use of a Tesla coil in a Faraday cage, producing high voltage electricity to the tune of "3 Blind Mice".
A fantastic afternoon was held by all and the pupils left with a range of ideas of careers and technologies involving Science and Engineering.

Year 8 Science Week The Solar Eclipse

Year 8 pupils spent their science lessons studying the sun & solar eclipses. This then led up to the whole of the year watching the eclipse outside on the tennis courts.
Lesson 1 looked at facts about the sun. After gathering facts/information about the sun, pupils then displayed it in the form of a poster. The best 3 posters won a prize!
Lesson 2 looked at how we keep ourselves safe in the sun. Pupils pretended that they were members of the Nivea research team & tested different sun creams to see which was the most effective. They did this by covering up a bottle of colourless liquid that changed pink when exposed to UV light.

Read more: Year 8 Science Week The Solar Eclipse

Year 7 Science Week ‘Bees’

Year 7 pupils had a week of science lessons based around the theme of bees. In lesson 1 they studied the anatomy of a bee. This involved looking at parts of the bee under a microscope. In lesson 2, pupils learnt about the bee hive. They studied how & why bees make honey. Miss Scatchard, our apiarist, came to tell us all about her bee hives. Lesson 3 involved making candles from bee wax.

Read more: Year 7 Science Week ‘Bees’

Science Week

Did you know there are around 250 species of Bees in the UK?

This year for science week year 7 pupils will be looking into the world of bees, wax & honey.

Did you know there will be a partial solar eclipse in Huddersfield on 20/3/15?

Year 8 will be studying the science behind Solar eclipses in a build up to watching the eclipse on Friday morning.


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