Class of 2019

Head of Year      

Mr Flaherty

Mr Foster      Senior Vice Principal

Mrs Mason     Assistant Principal

Form Group Form Tutor Attached Staff

Mrs Burdon

Mrs Crouchman / Mrs Edwards


Mrs Cottle

Daily interventions in Ma/En/Sc with Y11


Mrs Kay



Miss Baran / Mrs Edwards (Mon A & Wed B)



Miss Williamson

Mrs Carolan   Mrs Morton 


Mr Marsden

Mr Flynn         Mr Howell

Mr Madden

Mrs Gibson     Mrs Salmon

Miss Jelfs / Mrs Crouchman (Fri)

Miss Simon


Miss Griffin

Mr Gray

Ms Batley

Student Support Manager

Mr Moroney

Assembly Wednesday


Years 10 and 11 are banded in two half years from a mixture of all ten Form Groups. Maths, English, Science, Technology, MFL, IT, PHSCE, RE and PE are all taught in half year groups. Option subjects are taught in three whole year group boxes P, Q and R. These have additional group targeting pupils for Step-up and Study Plus. No subjects are taught in Form Groups.

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